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Brand Culture
The culture of dragons and horses

"The culture of dragons and horses" is a metaphorical and anthropomorphic representation of the corporate culture of SUNHUNC. In Chinese traditional culture, horses and dragons have been the same since ancient times, and horses are the embodiment of dragons.

The term "dragons and horses" refers to the ancient mythical horses that resemble dragons, symbolizing the SUNHUNC people's integrity, honesty, loyalty, pragmatism, innovation, courage, and self-improvement. The dragons and horses culture symbolizes the SUNHUNC people's upward and extraordinary dragons and horses spirit. At the same time, our product brand is SUNHUNC, so we define our corporate culture as "The culture of dragons and horses".

  • Mission
    To succeed for customers, promote industry progress strengthen national strength, and help dream-builders realize their dreams.
  • Vision
    To become the most trusted partner globally a century-old brand, and achieve success together.
  • Values
    Integrity and honesty, striving for first place, collaboration and efficiency, achieving success for customers. Summary and reflection, continuous struggle, pioneering innovation, and shared success.
  • Brand
  • Service brand
    Post-horse gladden
  • Employee brand
    Passionate, ambitious responsible, intelligent
  • Work style
    Quick response, proactive action go all out, pursue excellence
  • Management principle
    Everything has rules and reasons, everything has someone responsible, and everything is supervised.
The concept of honor and disgrace

To love the enterprise is proud, to harm the enterprise is ashamed; (Loyalty)    

Proud of quality and quantity, ashamed of rework delay; (Efficient)

To be proud of love and dedication, to be ashamed of opportunism; (Responsibility)     

Be proud of standardized operation, and be ashamed of doing things arbitrarily; (standard)

Be proud of abiding by the rules and discipline, and be ashamed of violating the rules and discipline; (obey)     

To be proud of energy saving and consumption reduction, to be ashamed of overspending and waste; (Saving)

Be proud of unity and cooperation, and be ashamed of subjective standard; (Collaboration)     

Proud of pioneering and innovation, ashamed of not thinking ahead. (Innovation)

Integrity SUNHUNK

——Oath of integrity——

Starting with myself, I will act with integrity, honesty, and self-discipline. I will strive for truth and practicality, adhere to the bottom line of morality, and spare no effort to fight for our career.

——TO self-discipline——

Absolutely not taking advantage of my position to harm the interests of the company, embezzle company property, or seek personal or family illegitimate benefits.

Absolutely not engaging in corrupt practices, accepting bribes, or extorting money. Also, not interfering or giving instructions on behalf of personal interests in selecting partners or setting prices.

Actively accept supervision and strive to be a new Hongchang person with high professional ethics.

——TO group——

Never ask for or accept bribes, nor connive at or tolerate others asking for or accepting bribes;

Never form cliques, cliques, or small groups;

Create a fair and just workplace environment to promote clean and clean business.

——To career——

Never conceal, nor steal, leak company secrets;

We will not muddle along, do nothing, or prevaricate.

Always maintain a sense of crisis, do not do any harm to the interests of the organization, be loyal to the organization, enthusiasm for the cause of the new SUNHUNK people.

Honesty and self-discipline start from the heart, honest practice starts from me!