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Service concept:

【Service is our strategy】
◎Service is our strategy, and service is our irreplaceable core competitiveness. Service is not a cost.
◎Service becomes our gene, our habit, our instinctive action, our conditioned reflex, and our culture.
◎Corporate service principles: basic service, satisfactory service, value-added service, and delightful service
◎Corporate determination of four levels of service and their meanings:
1)After-sales service: agile, efficient, mobile, and flexible;
2)Full life cycle service: integrated technical marketing service, providing customers with full life cycle solutions;
3)Comprehensive service: all-round service, all-value chain service (establishing a value alliance with suppliers and dealers to create value together and help customers succeed), and 24/7 service to achieve customer belonging and loyalty;
4)Delightful service: individuals serve the organization, the organization serves individual growth, and all staff serve customers, and the company serves society.