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Frozen Fresh
Center-axle trailers
Process Standard
Foaming Process
Inner/Outer Skin Material
Food-grade Thermoplastic/Pre-painted Metallic Sheet
Insulation Material
Applicable Working Conditions
  • Characteristic
  • Parameter
High Strength

The body structure adopts a locking and riveting combination process, with high tensile strength. The floor uses a T6-level high-strength aluminum guide rail full welding process to enhance overall load-bearing capacity and comply with domestic working conditions.

High Insulation

Using open foaming technology, the density of the heat insulation layer is more uniform without voids or trapped air, for more durable heat insulation.

High Aesthetics

Using pre-painted metal panels, the overall appearance is bright and upscale, improving corporate image.


The body weight of the container is more than 500 kg lighter than a steel box, helping to carry more goods or save fuel.

Green Environmental Protection

The container body is made entirely of food-grade materials, safer for transporting goods.

Cold Air Circulation

The floor uses a Great Wall-type ventilation guide rail, in combination with vertical ventilation slots on the side plates and ventilation bars on the door panels, for efficient air circulation inside the container and uniform temperature distribution, safer for transporting fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

Product Parameters
Key Parameter
Process Standard
Inner/Outer Skin Material
Insulation Material
Vehicle Standard
Insulation Panel Top (mm)
Insulation Panel Sides (mm)
Insulation Panel Front (mm)
Insulation Panel Back (mm)
Insulation Panel Bottom (mm)
Outer Skin
Bottom Skin Material
Floor Configuration
Bottom Sub-frame
Bottom Drainage Hole
Rear Door Frame and Hardware
Wear Plate
Parameter Value
Foaming Process
Food-grade Thermoplastic/Pre-painted Metallic Sheet
Refrigerated Centrally-mounted Axle Trailer
 137 (including 35mm Castle-Type Aluminum Guide)
Pre-painted Aluminum Sheet
Thermoplastic Sheet
Castle-Type Aluminum Guide (Approximately 35mm)
 High-Strength Steel
SUNHUNK Standard Configuration, 2 at the Front or 2 at Both Ends
304 Stainless Steel
High-Strength Aluminum Profile (Approximately 300mm High)