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Dump truck
Carriage specification(mm)
Material specification(mm)
Material type
Applicable Working Conditions
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Strong: the skeleton structure, safe and reliable

♦ The wear-resistant plate of the carriage makes the frame stronger without expansion;

♦ The frame structure of the bottom plate is strong without collapse, snap of weld joint, or deformation;

♦ The auxiliary beam is made of 700L beam steel, which has strong bearing capacity against deformation or cracking;

♦ The new-type subframe longitudinal beams are better matched with the carriages, ensuring a more stable driving;

♦ Kobelco automatic welding technology, machine vision inspection, high standards of intelligent manufacturing;

Durable: high-strength, wear-resistant and durable

♦ Structural upgrade and K450 wear-resistant plate realizes a lighter weight and a better carrying capacity, which is 30% higher than that of ordinary vehicles;

♦ Reasonable structure of the body, with fewer welding beads. Less maintenance is required. It can work 4-5 days more per month;

♦ S (Safe) grade hydraulic system, stable lifting and intelligent pressure monitoring;

♦ Domestic first-class intelligent production equipment and process guarantee system;

Trustworthy: Focus on the profession for 21 years and become the prioritized choice of 500,000 users worldwide

♦ Serving 300,000 users in 31 provinces in 21 years, focusing on working together with users to grow and achieve prosperity;

♦ Occupying more than 60% of the domestic market share, realizing the sales of 5W+ in 21 cities in 5 foreign countries, being regarded as a professional choice for 500,000 users worldwide;

♦ Strong quality, long life, high residual value as a second-hand vehicle. It can be sold for 10,000 yuan more;

Product Parameters
Key Parameter
Structure type
Carriage specification(mm)
Material specification(mm)
Material type
Hydraulic Cylinder(mm)
Working condition
For the road
Transportation medium
Auxiliary equipment
Parameter Value
KD-HC1 Structure
urban muck
Hard pavement
Construction waste, urban muck, sand and gravel, tar sand
Intelligent fleet management system, centralized lubrication system