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Dump truck
Carriage specification(mm)
Material specification(mm)
Material type
Applicable Working Conditions
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Intelligent: Intelligent control and management
♦ “Border Collie” intelligent co-pilot – 360° panoramic monitoring, anti-fatigue system, active safety assistance system;

♦ Intelligent self-weighing system – one-time loading without need to weigh again;

♦ Centralized lubrication system – maintenance-free, more worry-free;

Safe: Compliant products, lightweight design

♦ Sunhunk Tianma X power hydraulic system makes lifting safer;

♦ Design with low gravity center makes the driving more stable;

♦ U-shaped carriage structure and new-material guiding system ensures a smooth unloading and a high efficiency without rollover;

Powerful: Strong structure, all-day operation

♦“Diamond” reinforced structural platform with a strong structure, a light weight and a resistance against the expansion;

♦ K450 high-strength wear-resistant steel, resistant to the wear and impact;

♦ Kobelco automatic welding technology, machine vision inspection, high standards of intelligent manufacturing;

Product Parameters
Key Parameter
Structure type
Carriage specification(mm)
Material specification(mm)
Material type
Hydraulic Cylinder(mm)
Working condition
For the road
Transportation medium
Auxiliary equipment
Parameter Value
KD-TA structure
Road transport
Hard pavement
sand and gravel, tar sand
Intelligent fleet management system, centralized lubrication system