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Dump truck
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Light: Light weight and high profit

♦ Light container: Super K450 wear-resistant steel is integrally stamped and formed, and the structure is light;

♦ Light hydraulic system: Sunhunk Tianma X power hydraulic system achieves an overall weight reduction;

♦ Light auxiliary beam: B-shaped rectangular tube longitudinal beam is adopted to reduce the welding and veneering of the main beam;

♦ Light back door: The curved back door is integrally formed without welding, which is simple and practical;

Speed: Fast speed and high efficiency

♦ Fast carrying: Larger volume, 15% increase in cargo capacity;

♦ Fast speed: Compared with the original rectangular bucket, its dead weight is more than 1 ton lighter, and it can run faster;

♦ Fast unloading: New-material guiding system ensures a smooth unloading and a high efficiency;

♦ Fast profit: With fewer weld beads, maintenance cost can be reduced by 40%, and it can make a good attendance;

Endurance: Good material and strong structure

♦ Durable: The side plate is corrugated in one piece, the frame is strong, and the panel is also strong;

♦ All-day work: no requirements on work, stable driving;

♦ Good carrying capacity: Frame support, strong hydraulic power, double support of the overall frame structure (stamping panel + frame), light weight but good quality;

♦ High rate of attendance: Low center of gravity, fewer weld beads, less failure and safer;

Product Parameters
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Carriage specification(mm)
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For the road
Transportation medium
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KD-VA Structure
Transportation of ore and gravel residue
Soft foundation pavement+Hard pavement
sand and gravel, tar sand
Intelligent fleet management system, centralized lubrication system