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Semi trailer Dump truck
Carriage specification(mm)
Material specification(mm)
Material type
Applicable Working Conditions
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Light: Light weight and no deformation

♦ Light structure: 2 longitudinal beams + high-strength steel for the whole vehicle, resistant to torsion and deformation;

♦ Light hydraulic system: “X” power hydraulic system, lighter;

♦ Light accessories: Aluminum alloy protection and toolbox structure;

Speed: Lifting steadily and unloading fast

♦ Fast lifting: “X” power hydraulic system is faster, more stable and more synchronous;

♦ Fast unloading: BFS600 stainless steel bottom plate is adopted for a faster unloading;

♦ Fast service: Service system of Fast, Satisfied and Whole-hearted Service by Sunhunk Tianma;

Powerful: Strong structure, good craftsmanship, sturdy and durable

♦ Powerful body: Keel frame+ stamping forming, lifting can be made without deformation;

♦ Powerful craftsmanship: Three times of adjustment and three times of positioning, three times of fine adjustment of the braking system + three times of fine adjustments of axle positioning, the guarantee is made with the ingenious craftsmanship ;

♦ Powerful stability: Sunhunk Tianma walking system is more stable and reliable;

♦ Powerful materials: Super wear-resistant steel, super high-strength steel, with an excellent quality;

Intelligent: Intelligent assistance, safe and reliable

♦ Alert: The alignment system of the main trailer, the roll risk can be predicted in advance;

♦ Sensitive: Intelligent driving assistance system, avoiding the risk of blind spots and making it safer;

♦ Intelligence: Locking device of self-opening side door;

Product Parameters
Key Parameter
Structure type
Carriage specification(mm)
Material specification(mm)
Material type
Hydraulic Cylinder(mm)
Working condition
For the road
Transportation medium
Auxiliary equipment
Parameter Value
Highway & dirt road transportation
Soft foundation pavement+Hard pavement
sand and gravel, tar sand
Intelligent fleet management system, centralized lubrication system