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70/90 Mine-CK
Mining Dump truck
Carriage specification(mm)
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Armor frame: Armor skeleton steel, strong as a tough guy

♦ 4.0 design of new integrated large frame, high strength, fewer weld beads, impact resistance, torsion resistance, high attendance rate, 2-3 years longer service life, higher residual value as a used vehicle;

♦ Armored full protection + enhanced upper protection + enhanced stone ejector, which can effectively prevent the damage of fallen ores to the vehicle and reduce the operation and maintenance cost;

♦ The proportions of the body follow the aesthetic design, showing the domineering power, the luxurious elegance, and the stylish charm;

Good carrying capacity: Seeming to be strong enough to move mountains and seas

♦ X hydraulic system – special mining oil cylinder with large bore, super thrust, no worry about heavy load;

♦ The whole vehicle is made of K450 super wear-resistant steel, which is wear-resistant and impact-resistant;

♦ Groove welding + flux-cored wire can increase welding strength by 200%, leading the industry;

♦ The keel structure platform has a better carrying capacity;

♦ Large volume: The amount of one is equivalent to the total amount of the other three;

High efficiency: Stable lifting and fast unloading
♦ More sensitive: Fast lifting, fast falling, far unloading, and efficiency is increased by 26%;

♦ Safer: 360° panoramic view + radar early warning system eliminates vehicle blind spots from God’s perspective to effectively avoid small obstacles, making it safe and worry-free;

♦ More flexible: The truck and shovel work together efficiently, the volume of the container can match the bucket perfectly to reduce unnecessary actions;

Product Parameters
Key Parameter
Structure type
Carriage specification(mm)
Material specification(mm)
Material type
Hydraulic Cylinder(mm)
Working condition
For the road
Transportation medium
Auxiliary equipment
Parameter Value
ores KMT-70/90 U Structure
Mining area transportation
Soft foundation pavement
ores, Iron sand
centralized lubrication system, guide skateboard